The directors’ firm MANSON and the production company CANADA approached us with an ambitious proposal: to create the opening of a fictional anime series to introduce one of the jewels belonging to the new Christmas campaign of the jewelry brand Tous. 

Inspired by each of the stones inserted in the jewel, symbolizing the seven types of corporal “chakras”, MANSON imagined a cheerful encounter between seven fantastic characters –all embodied in the famous Tous teddy bear icon– as a crazy, turbo-animated journey through Barcelona, the city of origin of the famous brand. 

Considering it was an innovative project, some obstacles appeared during the process of both creation and production, and we enjoyed the artistic and technical challenges we faced along the way. 

  • Vfx
  • Animation
  • Graphics

The first step was the character design, which had several distinct phases: the teddy bears mutated many times until they reached the imaginative ultimate look we created.

To express the narrative properly, we carried out a 2D animatic to capture the dynamic and explosive scenes that make up the film.

We also collaborated with different illustrators to create the 3D backgrounds, a very important step as they had to reflect a faithful CGI portrait of the city of Barcelona.  

Last but not least, we developed a complex animation work starting with motion capture with dancers that we later assigned into the rig of the bears’ 3D models. We carefully textured these models to achieve the seven different fresh styles stated in the initial designs. 

It has been an incredible experience working alongside MANSON, CANADA, and Tous to conceive this energetic campaign. We would love to start new adventures with the Turbochakras!