Asahi, the legendary Japanese beer brand, trusted us to create its latest campaign where the purpose was to show the DNA of the drink: a beer made in Japan. The piece, directed by MANSON and produced by CANADA London, contains live-action and different animation styles.

  • Vfx
  • Animation
  • Graphics

The intention was to traverse and see the whole DNA of Japan, all the elements that characterise the Japanese identity and, therefore, the beer identity. To get this, we crossed different places: a local bar, the crowded centre of Shibuya, a cool house party, a fashion show… while inserting various animation techniques. The aim was to take a journey through spaces and aesthetics of the Japanese world: video games, manga, and fashion.

The piece begins with live-action and then moves on to different animation styles: first one, with realistic 3D, then anime style, then a video game look, 2D animation and then live-action again with 3D integration. This mix of techniques brings such eclecticism and dynamism to the campaign.

We painstakingly recreated the entire Tokyo skyline to make the city recognisable. We also worked to rebuild the Shibuya region, with the creation of signs, lights and overcrowding that characterise this place. We strive for vibrant and colorful results.

Another highlight was the transitions between the spaces through which the camera travels. Each transition was conceived as if going through a window. The piece turns out to be, in effect, a fast and exhaustive journey through the Japanese
world of Asahi.