We were approached by the DAVID agency to jointly create a new Nike campaign based on Kadeisha Buchanan, the Canadian national football player who embodies the calm… and also the storm.

Kadeisha’s most distinctive characteristic is her explosive reactions: from tranquillity to outburst. So, the first challenge was to bring to life a very powerful script that could be true to her character.

Together with the agency, we created a commercial script that expanded on the discourse of opposites, showing two worlds coexisting: the chilled and the excited personalities. First challenge resolved; you may be thinking, “Ok, what about the second challenge?”. We rather prefer calling it a “chance”.

We couldn’t shoot any new material. All the footage available to us came from video stock. So this project became a new opportunity to write a story that focussed on cut and paste, that is, a chance to develop a collage of human actions and motion graphics. Two worlds colliding both in form and content.

The natural power of Kadeisha’s images was enhanced by the animation and by a strong use of typography. Thanks to the magic touch of Juan Béhrens, director of the piece and leader of the team, we managed to offer a new stimulating piece on today’s best football.