Netflix Spain was preparing to launch Sky Rojo, the new series by Álex Pina (La casa de papel / Money Heist) showing the brutal reality of the world of prostitution. They were looking for powerful and explicit communication, and as they knew “Zorra”, the MANSON music video for Bad Gyal and they knew us from having worked together on the opening titles of Paquita Salas, they called in MANSON to lead the creative direction and us to develop the creative post-production of this project.

We created this five videos with their own language responding to these keywords: Pulp Latino. The first, presenting Sky Rojos’s logo reinterpreting the epics of comic codes. The second, presenting the main characters. The third an introduction to the Sky Rojo’s universe in a series of shots articulated by a bullet. The fourth, an animation trailer in the personal style of Clara Duran fusing American comic and anime aesthetics. And the fifth, a reminder of the series with a lot (A LOT) of camera movement.

  • Animation
  • Graphics