MANSON and CANADA UK approached us to create together this quirky, eccentric, and funny campaign for the British insurance company Hastings Direct, conveying the idea that simplicity is the best way to lead an easier and happier life. 

In the film, we accompany the protagonist during his daily routine, driving his family through the city. The habitual trip progressively turns into an adventure journey, as the main character starts facing different kinds of stressful circumstances that end up in a hilarious, non-sense situation. The strong element of humor aims to diminish the importance of small troubles and support the campaign’s central idea.

  • Vfx
  • Animation

We had the pleasure to collaborate with Martí Sawe as the art director, who designed all these urban, colorful characters. Using a fully mixed-media format, the scenes are graphically rich and complex since all of them present a great diversity of styles and techniques: from live-action to 2D animation and CGI.

We invested a great effort during the animation process to give the various incredible characters a lot of personality, and we also cared so much to make them very expressive, so to visually transmit both their conversations and feelings.