Adidas has just launched two new models of technical football boots: the “X”, standing out for its great speed, and the “Predator”, characterized by its high level of precision. Adidas conceived the creative proposal to introduce them to the world and trusted us to make it happen.

  • Vfx
  • Animation
  • Graphics

Based on the campaign concept, we created two independent, customized, full CGI films presenting the two 3D models flourishing in an ethereal space, and wrapped by natural materials such as minerals, particles, bubbles, or rocks, recreated using simulations.

In this kind of organic showcase, the boots reveal their resilience to any external physical pressure as they remain shiny and powerful despite the stress exerted on them by the surrounding materials.

We got inspired by the colour palette and the formal style of the two Adidas models to create a unique CGI environment for each one. Finally, we also developed a dual film joining the pair of boots with the two particular universes specially conceived for them.