We worked with Tous in December on the Turbo Chakras project, creating the 7 bears that were the main characters of the campaign. Afterward, Tous decided to give more life to these personalities and for this, they made a collection of jewellery and merchandising (with tote bags, T-shirts, bags…), all available on its website.

Tous wanted to innovate in its positioning strategy and bet on having a presence at music festivals. To do so, we turned the 7 bears of the campaign into a music band.

  • Animation
  • Graphics

We made the video clip for the band, based on the design of the bears we already had. We also created new music and choreography. From this point onwards, we assembled the different pieces that make up the campaign: a joint piece where the 7 bears dance and individual pieces for each of them.

Beyond the festival strategy, Tous also opted for street marketing actions. In the center of Barcelona, there was an invasion of bears before the Primavera Sound, and they will do similar actions for other festivals.