“Los Borbones: Una Familia Real” is a documentary series about the history of the Spanish royal family created by the renowned journalist Ana Pastor and the successful screenwriter Aitor Gabilondo. The docuseries became a national audience leader on its premiere date with more than 2 million viewers, breaking share records in last decades of the Spanish television industry. We are so glad to have been invited by Newtral (Ana Pastor’s production company) to participate in such an interesting project.

  • Animation
  • Graphics

For the very first moment, we worked side by side with the director Hector Herce and the rest of Newtral’s team to develop a graphic style guide that would bring identity and coherence to the project. “Los Borbones: Una Familia Real” contains a wide range of images and documentary sources from different historical periods. Newtral was in charge of the documentation and research process; we were responsible for devising a graphic concept that structured the narrative thread of the whole series. 

Under the creative direction of Antoni Sendra and Tope Mañas, we were in charge of developing all the design, illustration, and animation work, both digital and traditional. We have been fortunate to collaborate with numerous talented artists who have created a variety of both styles and techniques to shape the final identity of each chapter, giving the whole docuseries a unique personality.

“Los Borbones: Una Familia Real” has been our first long-term commission with a total of 6 months to produce it alongside a dream team of several creatives (including designers, animators, art directors, and illustrators), developing a total of 200 different scenes.