From CANADA US, and thanks to MANSON, we were contacted to make a piece for Latch, the home automation company. “What if this simple act of opening a door sets the stage for a universe of infinite possibilities?”.

Thanks to its digital locks and control software, Latch helps users manage a universe of interconnected spaces —something physically impossible—. Our video presents how this works from both a computer and a smartphone.

  • Vfx

To represent the concept, we proposed executing a fictitious one-shot where the different locations are within anyone’s reach. As it moves, the shot leads to a final pullback revealing how the different spaces can be connected even if they are not physically linked.

We played around with techniques such as real images, 3D, motion graphics, and compo to take a tour across this theatrical set of everyday private spaces. We also scanned each piece of cutlery for the scene where the table is unfolded. 3D intervention made it easier to convey the idea of connection as it helped us to recreate all the floating messages from the Latch app.


To power the final pullback effect, we created a number of buildings that seem to be integrated into the same space. This is how we were able to bring to life Latch’s idea of seeing an entire world without barriers, without borders, without limits.