Nike Kids is a live-action piece made by the director’s firm MANSON, produced by CANADA, with R/GA Shanghai. At Bliss, we made the diverse animations included in the piece.

The project was born from the vision and perspective that exists in China about sport and how this affects children: sport is not seen as a game but as strict and competitive activity. This is where this campaign came from. Nike wanted to encourage children to play more for fun, without rules and pressure. To play in a free and fun way.

  • Vfx
  • Animation
  • Graphics

To transmit this freedom, MANSON made a live-action piece showing several kids playing different sports in unusual ways: throwing the ball backward, jumping off a trampoline but on a bomb, and racing against a dog… Crazier competitions, not strictly based on the rules of any sport.


At Bliss, we have completed this piece with animations over the real images. The animation in this piece is crucial: it is the ideal tool to create a much more lighthearted and playful world. We managed to create a crazier universe, closer to what sport should be for a child: a game.