The Potlatch team, with whom we already had the good fortune to work, commissioned from us this piece for the exclusive The Macallan Scotch whisky. And we still consider it a unique challenge between amazing forces.

Our mission was to set in motion the dreamy and perfectly still cosmos of tradition and novelty (the forces we find at the heart of The Macallan) crafted by Chinese award-winning illustrator Sija Hong. Remaining faithful to her detailed and hyperactive-but-quiet universe was mandatory.

  • Vfx
  • Animation

That’s why we played with contrasts across a workflow that mixed 2D and 3D techniques. This combination allowed us to maintain the flow between the camera and all the elements, keeping every detail in Hong’s textures.

The result is this fascinating journey inside The Macallan’s label, where tradition and novelty are symbolised by a horse and a peacock marching through Galician forests (from where the cask’s woods originate), across sherry vineyards (where the grapes grow) and to the fields of Scotland (where the whisky is refined and first enjoyed). Yes, it was a really enjoyable dream.