The production company Mamma Team proposed to us to develop the post-production of three fashion films for Desigual. These pieces announce the collaboration between the Spanish brand and three distinguished fashion designers for the spring season’s new campaign: Johnson Hartig, Christian Lacroix, and Stella Jean.

The three films were shot similarly but each one has its own mood and its own type of post-production, all directly related to the unique style of each artist.

We worked on the music in a personalized way alongside PAMPAM studio to convey the particular vibe of each designer. And we also created a funny Instagram filter to introduce the campaign to Desigual’s followers.

  • Vfx
  • Animation
  • Words

For Hartig, we created some patches that floated in the environment.

 For Lacroix, we designed some threads surrounding the model.

And for Stella Jean, we devised some ethnic graphics in the line of her collection.