Characters that metamorphosize and break through ceilings and walls, and drive cars and wear helmets that magically appear, and have fun, and more and more fun. We can’t help but get excited when we explain our contribution to Born to sync. OK, fine, let’s try to get to the point!

Under the direction of Yuann/Kidzfrmnowhere and collaborating with the live-action production company Taiyo Kikaku, we’ve created the animated and CG scenes in Kartrider, the amazing Japanese kart racing video game.

  • Vfx
  • Animation

Born to sync reflects the essence of the game: fast competitions, extreme skids, and a full character-customization experience, in a 6-player race. The film flies towards the players as they play in their real-life settings, while, at the same time, being absorbed by the video game.

The director asked us to create fast-paced transitions connecting the characters’ stories, and so we intervened the live-action with 3D and developed a camera that travels from one place to another, flying everywhere in a city recreated in full CG.”

The key element of the VFX we executed was the transformation of real elements into graphics. We blended techniques like particle simulation, character animation, full CG scenes, rotomation, 3D-scans of actors and props, and set extensions.

For the in-game scenes, we were lucky to collaborate with the team of engineers and developers at Kartride, and this was key to making the connection between reality and in-game that we were looking for, possible.

The film won the bronze award in film craft and also the VFX on staff award at the ACC CM FESTIVAL, for which we feel very happy!!! In any case, the real prize for us has been having the opportunity to enjoy ourselves -and sweat- so much during work on this project. We agree with the VFX supervisor’s note, “It was a pleasure to work on this project and see the amazing results of everyone’s hard work.