We love it when a project can become an excuse to outperform ourselves. That’s what happened when the company BIRTH contacted us to create a commemorative video celebrating the 30-year career of Audemars Piget’s CEO, François-Henry Bennahmias.

They had in mind our work for Nike’s 50th anniversary “Nike Swoosh” when they reached us. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy, and even the way François-Henry Bennahmias himself thinks, at BLISS we don’t intend to copy ourselves but to keep learning and taking things to new levels. So, we accepted the challenge.

  • Animation
  • Graphics

The idea of the piece was to represent François’ career along with his greatest achievements in the company. A chronological journey up to the day he announced his farewell, highlighting the years that set his career apart.

The perfect format to narrate his story was a graphic collage starting in 1994. Every decade is represented by the aesthetics of the time and we mixed all kinds of archive material —both videos and photos, as well as newspaper and magazine clippings of the time—, trying to maintain their historic authenticity through an analogue output.

And just like the music and entertainment industry has been crucial in François’ career at Audemars Piget, sound design in the piece stands out alongside the narration: a wide collection of great tracks provide support for each moment in the video and atmosphere to the story. A journey with plenty of emotions and achievements through the life of this charismatic man.