How easy and simple it is to work with our partners and friends at Diplomats! It’s almost as easy and simple as using Qonto, the app at the helm of this project, which helps entrepreneurs and companies to organise themselves. 

MANSON directed Qonto’s TV commercial (+ social media adaptations) for France and Germany, and they needed us to develop some VFX that expressed how a wealth of calendars, spreadsheets and invoices can fit on a single smartphone.

  • Animation
  • Graphics

The ad is divided into three parts, showing a CEO looking to organise his company, an entrepreneur aiming to open her business and an architectural firm planning their next project. Thanks to Qonto, everyone reaches their goals. 

As there was an educational purpose to this project, we translated the app’s wide range of tools into 2D and 3D elements. Then, we had them join the ad scenes, building a clear, playful and dynamic interaction between graphics and real characters and scenarios.

The aim was to replicate the experience of using the Qonto app, helping users to become efficient, resolved and resilient, all from the palm of one’s hand.