We are glad and grateful to have been part of the great campaign that Nike has conceived for its 50th anniversary, for which we have made 4 different pieces. 

We have worked very close to the agency AKQA’s creative teams distributed around the world, and also with the production company Immigrant and the director’s firm MANSON.

  • Vfx
  • Animation
  • Graphics

On the one hand, ‘Swoosh’ is an explanation of how the Nike logo was created using a collage style. We recovered historical archives and mixed them with new materials that we shot trying to keep the analog look. We had the pleasure to collaborate with the art director Gina Guasch, who created the graphic identity for this film.  

Waffle Mindset’ is a journey through all of Nike’s ideas related to product innovation. At the same time, it pays tribute to the creator of the first shoe sole that differentiated Nike trainers from the rest: the Waffle. The piece has been created in full CGI combined with live-action footage in which organic morphings convey the link between the object that generated the first idea with the final product.

‘Power of Air’ aims to exalt the innovations and the risk that Nike always takes in its proposals. In this case, we used the pixelation technique to achieve the kind of craft animation we were looking for.

And finally, the piece ‘Joan Benoit Samuelson’s Legacy’ is a tribute to all female athletes.
It tells the story of Joan, the first woman to run a marathon.